Identify, Plan & Reach your Goals.

We provide state of the art approaches, techniques, methodologies and tools to effectively plan, strategize and define long-term, middle-term and short –term goals and objectives.

Among the services related to these endeavors we deliver the following:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Intelligence Research & Knowledge Management
  • Economic and Market Forecasting
  • Organizational Design and Development
  • Business Model Innovation

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Strategic Innovation

A Better Work Environment

We facilitate change management processes to induce behavioral pattern modifications that ensure sustainable business growth and provide a sound platform to effectively serve markets and customers.

“It is the organization most responsive to change, the one that survives”

Δ = Develop Collective Will x Clear Vision & Mission x Structured High-Performance Processes

Our approach to change and transformation includes:

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Education, Training & Workshops
  • Corporate University Curriculum Design
  • Individual, Team and Organizational Execution
  • Communication and Conflict Management
  • Organizational Culture Development
  • Goal Oriented Approches
  • Customer and Stakeholder Focus

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Work Environment Transformation

Fundamental Analysis and Operational Excellence

We systematically work with our customers to make sense of business environment workflows, cycle times, quality standards and overall enterprise performance and bottom line results. By enhancing the awareness on the business current state and designing optimized processes for increasing productivity, velocity and reducing variation, customers are ensured a world-class experience from the first time always.

  • Turnaround Assessment
  • Lean-Six Sigma Certification
  • Lean-Six Sigma Project Management
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Kaizen Blitz Facilitation
  • Process Re-Engineering
  • Visio© Training and Certification
  • Project Management Training
  • Process Mapping

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Business Turnaround

Better Manage Individual, Family & Organizational Pressures

We engage people using a wide array of disciplines for unleashing their absolute best behavior within the business organizational boundaries. The main objective is to nurture mentally strong, self-aware and emotionally controlled individuals that can perform effectively within interpersonal dynamics, business teams and customers interactions.

We are into the business usable knowledge as practical instruments for organizational problem solving, policy analysis, execution and intelligent decision making.

Our aim is to link inquiry ventures with effective organizational change and transformation ventures.

  • Personal Leadership for Working on Three Elements of Self-Mastery: Principles, Obstacles and Performance Techniques
  • Executive Coaching & Mentorship
  • Human Resources Outsourcing
  • Employee Help and Development Program
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Leadership Scaling, Mastering and Transformation/li>
  • Appreciative Counselling
  • Multi-Displinary Psychological and Sociological Organizational Services
  • Psychometric Unit

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Human Assets and Behavior Modification

Our research claim is that knowledge; competencies and intellectual characteristics show up directly on the bottom line and are equally valuable as financial assets.

Intelligence Forecasting, Corp. is a corporation dedicated to creating and applying knowledge within the general scope of public and private planning, management and programming tasks and projects. The formal education, the experience and general expertise of its principals and staff far outweigh that of the competition.

We are a research, learning and knowledge organization. One of our core empirical propositions is that success in the market place is linked to an organization’s ability to create, develop, manage, apply and leverage knowledge as the intangible and often invisible asset for achieving sustainable results.

One of our formulas for success: focus on a purpose x growing to reach maximum performance x servicing other

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