Business Turnaround

We systematically work with our customers to make sense of business workflows, cycle times, quality standards and overall enterprise performance and bottom line results. By enhancing the awareness on the business current state and designing optimized processes for increasing productivity, velocity and reducing variation, customers are ensured a world-class experience from the first time always.

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Turnaround Assessment

Based on our benchmarking research and comprehensive industry comparisons (all industries) we establish a baseline of high-performing financial, operational and customer service key performance indicators and turnaround low-performing operations in three months or less.

Lean-Six Sigma Certification

By employing sound and proven analysis methodologies we make a comprehensive scan of the current processes’ reality, identify improvement opportunities, define new key performance indicators and implement redesigned processes that increase productivity, effectiveness and margins.

Lean-Six Sigma Project Management

Provide insights and support in all Lean Six-Sigma initiatives including project management and DMAIC deployment within the organization.

Value Stream Mapping

Conduct and facilitate projects, working sessions and activities to collect, organize and validate the critical steps in specific processes for quantifying cycle-times, throughput time, volumes, quality standards and overall value.

Kaizen Blitz Facilitation

Supporting process improvement teams in facilitating rapid improvement efforts that pursue quick creating problem solving discussions, practical implementable solutions-methods and approaches.

Process Re-Engineering

Deploy efforts to induce radical redesign of core, support, and managerial business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity, cycle times, quality and customer impact.

Visio© Training and Certification

Facilitate education sessions for Microsoft Visio, an intelligent diagramming and vector graphics application that simplifies key business process communication by using data-driven visuals including, but not limited to organizational charts, network diagrams, and business process mapping.

Project Management Training

Training engagements in Project Management include the development of specialized skills, knowledge, processes, methods, and approaches to successfully undertake a business project from start to finish. A project manager studies the scope of the endeavor and prepares plans, timetables, goals and deliverables within specified parameters including total time frame, assets, resources and budgetary needs.

Process Mapping

Specialized characterization and analysis process mapping projects aim at preparing detailed graphical representations of how activities get done, during these efforts major opportunities for improvement are identified. In addition, when process maps are finished, they provide leaders with a profound understanding of the required inputs, delivered outputs and cycle times that impact the workflow.