Human Assets and Behavioral Modification

We engage people using a wide array of disciplines for unleashing their absolute best behavior within the business organizational boundaries. The main objective is to nurture mentally strong, self-aware and emotionally controlled individuals that can perform effectively within interpersonal dynamics, business teams and customers interactions.

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Personal Leadership for Working on Three Elements of Self-Mastery: Principles, Obstacles and Performance Techniques

Proprietary executive coaching and behavioral modification approach to elevate the competitiveness and capacity for producing results. This process includes psychometric and aptitude tests/tools to assess an executive’s current mind and emotional baseline from which to establish a Personal Development Plan.

Executive Coaching & Mentorship

Using advanced assessment tools, we develop an in-depth development plan to enhance people’s effectiveness on a one on one power –free relationship that nurtures and individual strengths, talents, and core competencies.

Human Resources Outsourcing

Applying advanced organizational assessment tools, we help organizations in designing policies, procedures, and approaches to manage people effectively and strengthen the overall organizational infrastructure.

Employee Help and Development Program

Our Employee Help and Development Program serves as an independent, confidential, private, and systematic service that provides support to employees and their immediate families. It is geared toward facilitating employees to better manage individual, family, organizational pressures that can hamper effectiveness and productive behavior.

Multiple Intelligences

As part of our services portfolio we integrate the multiple intelligences framework to all aspects of human assets development. Using MIDAS, the Multiple Intelligences Development Assessment Scales, we scan people’s intelligence platform and develop a detailed roadmap to harvest the core capabilities within the eight (8) types of intelligences; logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, naturalist, kinesthetic, musical, intra-personal & inter-personal.

Leadership Scaling, Mastering and Transformation

Structured method for enabling leaders to enhance their effectiveness by facilitating and leveraging crucial conversations that unleash behaviors that exhibit integrity, self-mastery, emotional maturity, courage, authentic compassion, competence, solid character, whole consciousness, and wisdom.

Appreciative Counselling

Counselling framework that enables a structured process to assess potentialities and resources of participants with and interventionist-systemic function for behavioral change through cognitive-behavioral changes.

Multi-Disciplinary Psychological and Sociological Organizational Services

Profound expertise for supporting individuals, teams and organization in Thinking, Feeling and Behaving in a global context of high Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA).

Psychometric Unit

Our Psychometric Unit provides confidential, dedicated and sustained services related to all aspects of psychotherapy, psychometric evaluation, selection and key executive recruitment, crisis intervention and emotional intelligence development.